White Oak Pastures


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Radically Traditional Farming

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Lodging At White Oak Pastures

People come from all over the world to visit White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia.  We have four cabins, a larger guest house and Pond House to lodge in as you enjoy our farm, dining, tours, workshops, and more.

Hospitality At White Oak Pastures

Our cabins are the perfect way to share the way of life here at White Oak Pastures with our customers and provide a window into a multigenerational sustainable farm. We welcome you to organize a trip to our farm and we will offer you the best Southern Hospitality and true farm-to-table dining.

Origin of Our Cabin Names

Our four cabins are named after Harris family ancestors. Bluffton has a rich history and the Harris family has been here for 153 years. You bet they have some stories now!

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We are fiercely proud of what we do at White Oak Pastures and believe farms and food companies should operate with full transparency. We invite you to come to see our work, meet our family, and spend the night in one of our farm cabins in South Georgia.

Take A Farm Stay Vacation!

You have an open invitation to visit our farm. 

Our four 1-bedroom cabins are nestled in a longleaf pine forest. Depending on our grazing plan, you might wake up to cattle, small ruminants, hogs or poultry roaming just outside of your door. None of our cabins have WIFI at this time, so we hope you will disconnect from your devices and connect with nature.